Emotional Skills Workshop for Parents

Workshop Description

Feel better, be more effective in key relationships

Six week experiential workshop to help parents:

  • understand and take care of emotions
  • better support your children's developmental needs for connection and co-regulation
  • create more internal calm
  • stop fighting with yourself or others
  • gain greater clarity and compassion

Use core components of Internal Family Systems (parts work), Polyvagal Theory (focus on re-training nervous system responses), and Dialectcial Behavior Therapy (DBT) to improve parenting and other key relationships.

Who is it for? Parents who want to feel less overwhelmed or reactive and better support their kids’ and family's well being through their own practice.

Further Details: 

  • This is an educational workshop (not therapy)
  • Cost is $720 for six weeks
  • Cost is $50 for required 30 minute pre-screen appointment prior to registering
  • Not suitable for people in acute crisis
  • Offered live, with interactive exercises and Q&As
  • Includes opportunities to learn & practice new skills each week