Workshop Description

Feel better, be more effective 

Eight module experiential workshop to help parents:

  • learn the keys to emotional regulation
  • better support your children's developmental needs for connection and co-regulation
  • create more internal calm
  • stop fighting with yourself or others
  • gain greater clarity and compassion
  • learn how to approach your teen or young adult when emotions are intense
  • establish greater balance and reduce extremes in thinking and behavior
  • learn among a supportive group of other parents with similar goals

Who is it for? Parents of DBT skills group members, or any caregiver of a teen or young adults who wants to feel less overwhelmed, less reactive, and more able to support your family's wellbeing.

Further Details: 

  • Interactive, with opportunities to learn & practice new skills each week
  • 8 online modules plus 7 live group coaching sessions¬†
  • Not suitable for people in acute crisis
  • $200 per month over 4 months (or $297 total for online-only with no coaching)